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We are a small team of motivated people, Australian based, who work since 1999 with passion to create appealing quality Jackets & Coats. Our designers thoughtfully research worldwide-orientated latest trends to develop our ever-changing styles. Carefully tailored with quality materials sourced exclusively for us…

We take pride in our offering of quality stylish Jackets & Coats at a competitive price.

ARPELLE Australia Head Office/ Warehouse, is situated in CANBERRA, 4 Hickory Place, Jerrabomberra, ACT, Australia.
ARPELLE New Zealand Head Office/ Outlet shop, is situated in OUTLET CITY CENTRE, Tawa, Wellington, NZ.
ARPELLE is trademark owned and operated by Adia Holdings Pty. Ltd., which is an Australian Registered Company
ABN 711 511 89 883.



ITALIAN LEATHER 100% Genuine Italian Leather

Leather is a by-product of the meat industry, if not for the leather industry; this remarkable resource would go to waste. We use only Premium Italian Leathers as the strongest most supple kind. The material ends up moulding to your shape, repels water and wind, to keep you warm as another hide, for years.

Leather is a natural product; each hide gives a character to the garment, which is proof of its authenticity.

Nappa-finish is an even tight-grain, comfortable hand-feeling hide leather for garment.

Crunch-finish is a texture-leather with marble-type veins running through which gives an extra worn-rich touch as it gets older.

Wrinkle-finish is a process to distress the leather giving a wash-look and crinkle effect.

Very fine and soft- feel lamb leather. Drum-dyeing-finish is a completely natural finishing process. Variations in shade may occur due to the natural dye being absorbed at different rates by the leather.



70% wool, 10% cashmere, 20% polyester


Our wool is yarned in Italy with Cashmere for a soft-handle and polyester for strength. Cashmere is obtained from the neck region of Cashmere goats. Widely recognized as being one of the world’s most luxury fibres, its rarity and natural lustre makes it one of the precious commodities in wool.




Our outdoor fabrics are lightweight, water repellent, windproof, and washable. Highly compressible, the apparel is ideal for situations where you need warmth and weather protection.

SIZE available from size 3XS to 10XL


A fitted jacket will sit close to the body.
A medium fit jacket will be less tight to the body than a fitted jacket.
A regular fit will allow space for under layers